About Us

The Food Clinic is run by passionate dietitian Denise Burbidge. Opening in 2012, the food clinic has grown from providing individual services to include a range of services to support clients, both individuals and organisations to improve health through understanding nourishing foods.
The Food Clinic supports individual clients to better manage health and chronic condititions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, coeliac disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Consultations are provided in rooms in Essendon, Toorak and Heidelberg and some home visiting services are available on request. 
Services for organisations include corporate nutrition presentations, staff education sessions and a range of food service supports including menu reviews. Working with catering organisations, especially those involved in healthcare and retirement living, to better understand planning nourishing menus and managing special diets such as allergies is a real passion for Denise.

Dietitian - Denise Burbidge

Denise Burbidge (pictured), Accredited Practising Dietitian of The Food Clinic is here to assist you or your workplace with tailored nutrition assessment, advice and nutrition counseling.
As a university qualified expert in nutrition, a dietitian is well trained to help out with a range of nutrition issues. Whether you are looking to lose or gain weight, improve your cholesterol, prevent or manage diabetes, understand how to live with a food allergy or intolerance or just learn to eat foods that will nourish your body I'm here to assist you achieve your health goals.
My background in food started through being encouraged to be involved in the kitchen at home from a young age. It was here with the support of family (as taste testers) where I built my passion for cooking and food enjoyment. In high school I studied food technology, then went on to study and work in hospitality before embarking on study in Nutrition & Dietetics and later Diabetes Education.
I now combine my cooking passion with, where possible, growing and sourcing fresh and local produce. My passion for food combined with in depth knowledge of medical nutrition therapy allows me to develop meal solutions to assist clients to achieved improved health and wellbeing.
In addition to supporting individuals, I am also passionate about assisting those involved in catering to develop nourshing menus for their consumers. This includes organisations such as military, childcare, schools and health care facilities. If you require any support of a nutrition nature, please be in touch.