Food Services Support

Increasingly there is greater focus on nutrition in various catering settings from allergen management, special diet advice through to planning and reviewing menus for facilities such as aged care homes, childcare centres, school canteens and workplaces.

The Food Clinic Dietitian, Denise Burbidge has over nine years experince in assessing and reviewing menus for the aged care and healthcare sector and over ten years experience in the hospitality sector. Denise is very passionate about helping chefs, cooks and catering managers better understand the nutrition considerations for their clientelle so why not get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

Whether you are looking for a complete menu review or some staff education get in touch and we'll tailor whatever is needed to help your kitchen provide nourishing foods to your clients.

Food Services supports include

  • Planning and reviewing menus for healthcare settings
  • Develop menus for special diet requirements
  • Education to prepare safe  and nourishing foods for those with food allergies 
  • Planning menus for dysphagia clients with texture modified foods
  • Diabetes management plans
  • Developing and reviewing food and nutrition policies